“Hark, a Vagrant” on Jane Austen

Simply a little funning on Jane Austen, mostly teasing her fans (and fandoms). Poor Jane – Sharks and motorcycles!

All content (c)2006-2011 Kate Beaton All content (c)2006-2011 Kate Beaton All content (c)2006-2011 Kate Beaton

All content (c)2006-2011 Kate Beaton So I was already acquainted with this fantastic blog called “Hark, a Vagrant” which showcases the wonderful opinions of Kate Beaton on history and literature, principally, to the never-ending joy of many liberal arts majors out there. And behold! It is rife with comics featuring Jane Austen and/or her characters! Not only do we have fine examples of Jane Austen’s readership/ literary communities, but also some admittedly pointed criticism of the fan-novel culture of Austen’s world (provided via the links below). She is even quoted as saying:

“Jane Austen has transcended ‘fandom,’ I think. Now there is an Austen culture. I am never sure what to make of it. “


Some more for the curious. These are really just poking fun at everyone who is obsessed with Pride and Prejudice

fan novel

too much austen


One thought on ““Hark, a Vagrant” on Jane Austen

  1. I love Hark! A Vagrant! It does speak to that idea that there is an “Austen culture” that these can be so funny to so many people–

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